The 2013 Mobile Application Management Challenge

Round 1: The 2013 Mobile Application Management Challenge

The Mobile Application Management Challenge

Mobility has become the norm within enterprises, and mobile apps are the key to increasing productivity and opening new opportunities. This trend is great for the enterprise as a whole, but it presents new challenges to IT. How do you manage this revolution? What is the best way to protect the data in the apps and keep prying eyes from seeing how your new apps are transforming your business? Apps can be gotten from app stores, developed by IT and even created by people in your business units and in the field.

How do you minimize the chaos and control the risk that proliferation of apps can create?

A new category of solutions for the enterprise has recently emerged called Mobile Application Management (MAM). MAM provides a way for enterprises to gain control over mobile apps and protect valuable corporate data. It addresses the entire life-cycle of an app, from adding management and security to deploying, updating and retiring an app. It is a must-have solution for any enterprise.

But how do you know which MAM solution is right for your enterprise? Who has the solution that will allow you to gain control of your mobile app environment? I have brought together four of the top MAM vendors to help you answer that question. Specifically, AirWatch, Apperian, Good Technology and Symantec have come together in this year’s MAM Challenge to shed light on how their solutions solve the app management puzzle. They explain what makes their solution the right one for your enterprise in a handy guide you can download.

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2013 Mobile Application Management Challenge Series presented by Robin Layland

Round 2: Panel Discussions

Containers and Wrappers: What Does It All Mean?

Industry analyst Robin Layland joins John Marshall from AirWatch and John Dasher of Good Technology to explore how MAM solutions use containers and wrappers to secure your apps. They review the threats mobile apps face and then explain how to deal with them. Next they explore how to do this while preserving the user experience everyone loves with mobile apps.

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Enterprise Apps in a BYOD World: What Do You Need to Know?

Allen Murray from Apperian and Brian Duckering of Symantec join Robin in exploring how to best protect mobile apps and data when enterprise apps are used within a Bring Your Own Devices (BOYD) strategy. They explain why MDM doesn't meet the challenge and how MAM can fill the gap. Learn about the keys to securing BYOD and the role of an app life-cycle approach in managing apps. As an added bonus is a discussion on how to get the greatest return from your apps.

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Mobile Application Management

The AirWatch® Mobile Application Management (MAM) solution addresses the challenge of acquiring, securing, distributing, and tracking mobile applications. Whether you utilize MAM with our Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution or as a stand-alone solution, you can easily manage internal, public and purchased apps across employee, corporate and shared devices from one console.

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Mobile Application Management: Unlock the Value of Enterprise Mobility

Mobile leaders are realizing that app-centric is the right approach for achieving mobile success. Download this guide to learn how to manage the deployment and use of enterprise apps and data, while still encouraging the levels of employee adoption needed to drive the productivity and ROI gains that are possible.

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10 Requirements from Real Customer Deployments

Mobile Device Management (MDM) has ushered in on-the-go access to enterprise data, but that convenience has only whetted the appetite of enterprise users. Today’s employees now want access to the whole universe of enterprise applications, network resources, and collaboration tools on demand, on their devices of choice. More apps, more data, more convenience, these expectations add up to a requirement for more creative enterprise enablement within the necessary boundaries of IT control.

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Are Your Mobile Policies Keeping Up with Your Mobile Employees?

For CIOs, CISOs, VPs of IT Operations, Mobile Architects, Mobile Program Managers, this paper summarizes the late 2012 Ovum study on what BYOD is, why business people should pay attention to it, and how they should meet emerging opportunities and threats.

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