Application Performance Management Challenge

Round 1: The Application and Network Performance Management Challenge

Industry Issues. Vendor Differentiators.

Software and applications are the new heart of the enterprise. When applications and networks are performing well, the business and customers are both happy. When there are problems, pressure mounts on IT to fix it fast. Fixing it fast depends on knowing where the problems are. Finding problems can be difficult because today's Service-Oriented Applications (SOA) spread the application between your code and third-party and web services that are running in your data center as well as the cloud.

Performance management solutions solve this challenge by understanding today's complex applications and helping operations and developers pinpoint the problem. Good solutions also help both operations and development understand what is normal, so they can cut down on alert clutter and provide critical information for business analytics.

The question is: “Which performance management vendor has the solution I need to rapidly respond to problems and understand what is happening in my business?" I have brought together four leading performance management vendors - AppNeta, CA, Emulex and New Relic - to shed light on how their solutions meet the enterprise's performance management needs. The Challenge document doesn't focus on why you need performance management. I think we all know the answers to that. Instead, it is a guide to how specific vendor solutions allow you to manage your applications and networks.

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Application Performance Management Challenge Series presented by Robin Layland

Round 2: Webcast Panel Discussions

Performance Management in the Cloud

Susan Tran from CA Technologies, Shaun Walsh of Emulex and industry analyst Robin Layland explore the new challenges created for performance management solutions when applications migrate to the cloud. We cover the key questions to ask cloud providers, along with new insights you need to understand cloud performance. We close the discussion with how SLAs and performance management solutions need to change to handle the cloud environment.

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How APM can Improve Operations and Development

Industry analyst Robin Layland joins Dan Kuebrick of AppNeta and Stevan Arychuk from New Relic to discuss what operations and developers need from a performance management solution. They explain how APM can help quickly solve problems without causing information overload, and what it takes for a solution to enable operations to understand the application. We also explore the developer's role in helping operations and what to look for in a solution.

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6 Pitfalls of Microservices: How to Mitigate Them in your Applications

A microservices architecture is a style which uses small, independent services which communicate bacross well-defined APIs as the basic building blocks. The idea of service-oriented architectures isn’t new, but combined with the popularity of DevOps in larger teams, the adoption of public IaaS providers like Amazon, and tooling that enables Continuous Integration / Delivery, the idea of re-tooling existing applications with microservices has clear advantages.

While compelling, these benefits aren’t free. Creating a system where all of these services can be robustly designed, developed, tested, deployed, and monitored isn’t trivial. When designing a system using microservices, implementing human and software processes which addresses the weaknesses of this approach will make the entire system easier to maintain and easier to add features to.

To understand these processes, let’s look at top 6 challenges associated with microservices architectures, and best practices to address them.

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How do you gain the network-level visibility you need to optimize the performance of your mission-critical applications?

Managing networks so they support optimal application performance has never been more challenging, or more critical. Leverage ANPM solutions from CA Technologies, and your organization can harness the robust and comprehensive capabilities it needs to understand and optimize how business-critical applications perform on the network.

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NetPod Application-aware Network Performance Management Solution

As businesses increasingly rely on applications hosted in complex data center and cloud infrastructures, visibility into application performance has become even more critical, and the dependency a network has on this visibility has become paramount.

Ultimately, it is a smooth and efficient end user experience that ensures customer satisfaction, and visibility into this interaction is key to ensuring business success. NetPod is a robust Application-aware Network Performance Management (AA-NPM) solution, and is ideal for data centers with virtual and physical servers. Learn more in this whitepaper.

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Survey Report: Data Culture in Software Development

New Insight into How Companies Are Using Data to Drive Customer Experience.

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