2014 SDN Challenge Series

Round 1:The Software-Defined Network Challenge

Industry Issues. Vendor Differentiators.

Server virtualization has put new demands on the network. Servers need to be configured and policies applied to network traffic within seconds. Gone are the days where everything is preplanned or an hour is considered fast. Virtualization has also made devices more mobile. You don't know where they will attach, and they can move while they are active.

SDN allows the network to deliver the speeds required by server virtualization, and at the same time, makes your network more flexible to meet the requirements of the cloud era. But how do you know which SDN solution is right for your enterprise? Who has the solution that will allow you to meet the demands of server virtualization and reduce your costs? I have brought together four leading SDN vendors - Avaya, Brocade, Hewlett-Packard and Nuage Networks to shed light on how their solutions meet the new requirements imposed by server virtualization. In a handy guide you can download, I provide background on what SDN is, and the problems your network faces. The four vendors then explain their approach to SDN and what makes their solution the right one for your enterprise.

Download our challenge to the MDM industry and see how the vendors responded.

SDN Network World Challenge Series presented by Robin Layland

Round 2: Webcast Panel Discussions

Creating an On-Demand Network

Industry analyst Robin Layland joins Paul Unbehagen from Avaya and Jacob Rapp from Hewlett-Packard to explore what SDN is and how it can help you solve the problems of server virtualization and mobile endpoints. The discussion examines how to configure your network faster and how automation applications are the key for successful SDN implementations. We close with a review of where SDN is today and what you should look for in an SDN vendor.

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Liberating the Cloud

Jon Hudson from Brocade, Dimitri Stiliadis from Nuage Networks and Robin explore how SDN can deliver an unconstrained data center for the cloud ear. The discussion starts by defining SDN and focuses on how SDN allows you to program the network to speed up deployments. We then explore what it takes to link data centers and cloud solutions. The discussion closes with questions that should be asked of every SDN vendor.

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Delivering Agile, Automated Cloud Services

The Software-Defined Data Center is focused on removing the delays and errors associated with sequential processes of turning-up new services, and creates an automated and agile operational environment where all resources are orchestrated in a coordinated and streamlined fashion.

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Sorting through network complexity Infograph

Modern life flows through networks: Phone service, Internet, business transactions and social media. As our dependence on networks has grown, so has the complexity of networks. Yesterday’s relatively simple network architectures are quickly becoming obsolete. New architectures and solutions—like Ethernet Fabric and Software-Defined Networking—are the keys to the next generation of networks.

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HP Virtual Application Networks SDN Controller

HP is introducing new innovations for Virtual Application Networks to deliver end-to-end software-defined networking (SDN). With these innovations, HP is enabling organizations to apply business logic to network behavior in a dynamic way.

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Consumable Data Center Networking

Using SDN concepts to create an infrastructure in which network resources are as readily consumable as compute and storage resources

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