2015 WI-FI Challenge Series

Round 1: The 2015 Wi-Fi Challenge

Industry Issues. Vendor Differentiators.

Wi-Fi's increasing dominance, both inside and outside the office, requires infrastructure that can support traffic growth while providing the functionality to support new uses. The 11ac Wave 2 solution provides the performance to boost your network needs. It also offers support for new services based on location data that can transform an environment and increase productivity. The question is: Which Wi-Fi vendor has the right solution to meet the challenges created by the wireless revolution? I have asked leading Wi-Fi vendors Cisco and Zebra Technologies to shed light on how their solutions handle the challenges enterprise face and explain the advantages of their 11ac solutions. You'll learn how they can help you beyond just reviewing a checklist of features. The Challenge is your guide to how they can make a difference in your business.

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Wi-Fi Network World Challenge Series presented by Robin Layland

Round 2: Webinar Panel Discussions

Location Services: The Path to Increased Productivity and Better Service

Sunalini Sankhavaram from Zebra Technologies, Jagdish Girimaji from Cisco and Robin Layland start this discussion by reviewing the status of location services. We quickly jump into how location-based services are transforming retail, transportation, healthcare and hospitality businesses. We examine how you can achieve the best possible accuracy, and then move on to explain the role of Bluetooth. We finish up by discussing privacy concerns and how to keep your business out of hot water.

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The Ins and Outs of 11ac Wave 2

Industry analyst Robin Layland joins Mark Denny from Cisco and Daran Hermans from Zebra Technologies to examine the impact of the new feature in 802.11ac's Wave 2 products. We start by defining what is in Wave 2. Next we dive into explaining the two biggest changes: Multi-User-MIMO (MU-MIMO), how it differs from Single-User-MIMO, and how wider channels help the enterprise. We also cover how Wave 2 will impact the devices everyone carries. We close with a quick review of the regulatory environment and how it affects enterprises.

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University Healthcare System improves patient and visitor experience with Cisco’s Connected Mobile Experience

University Healthcare System (UHS) wanted to provide great patient and visitor experience while also helping people find their way around there newly built million-square-foot building. UHS turned to Cisco to help with their challenges. With Cisco’s Connected Mobile Experience (CMX), UHS was able to build a robust Cisco wireless network that uses a location based solution to which tracks visitor location. UHS also worked with a third party to develop mobile app for wayfinding. Now it is less stressful for patients can get from point A to B. With the new mobile app, patients can verify appointments and without get updates from doctors or nurses. With the Cisco CMX solution running of the Cisco Wireless Network, UHS has met their challenge of improving patient and visitor experience.

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802.11ac Wave 2 - Evolution of the IEEE 802.11ac Standard

Since the introduction of IEEE 802.11ac, Wave 2 has been the real story. With 160 MHz channel widths and a new feature called Multi-User MIMO (MU-MIMO), it captured the imagination and has changed Wi-Fi forever. 802.11ac changes the way network architects will design networks and how manufactures will develop product to meet specific industry applications. This paper covers the key features of 802.11ac, what's mandatory and what’s optional, and answers the top common questions, design considerations and use cases.

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