Round 1: The Wi-Fi Challenge

Industry Issues. Vendor Differentiators.

A year ago, Wi-Fi was still competing with Ethernet as the primary corporate access network in enterprise organizations. Today, that’s close to a done deal, thanks to a “perfect storm” of factors that have collectively boosted WLAN traffic volumes and fueled Wi-Fi usage and investments. These factors include the abundance of mobile devices that support Wi-Fi connections along with the fact that everyone carries multiple Wi-Fi-capable devices. There’s also been an explosion of mobile applications and content that have ravenous appetite for bandwidth. Add bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs to the mix, and enterprise Wi-Fi networks are facing adjustments to handle the greater demand and traffic loads.

You need face the challenges head on. How do you do it? Wi-Fi vendors have stepped up to the challenge by providing innovative solutions. The question is what do they provide beyond the plain vanilla 802.11n solutions? How do their solutions differ? We have brought together six leading suppliers of Wi-Fi solutions and let them explain how their solutions make it possible to succeed at meeting the demands of mobile devices and apps. Specifically, Cisco, Motorola, Aerohive, HP, Xirrus and Adtran/Bluesocket explain how their solutions better solve today's Wi-Fi challenges and where they excel, all in a handy guide that you can download here. Download our challenge to the Wi-Fi industry and see how the vendors responded.

Download our challenge to the industry and see how the vendor responded.

Network World Wi-Fi Challenge Series presented by
Robin Layland & Joanie Wexler

Round 2: Panel Discussions

Controlling BYOD WLAN Access

Industry analyst Joanie Wexler joins Michael Zhu from Hewlett-Packard and Bruce Miller from Xirrus to explore the bring-you-own-device (BYOD) trend and its impact on the corporate WLAN. The discussion focuses on how to control BYOD access and successfully onboard users while enforcing policies. Panelists also discuss how to architect your Wi-Fi network to ensure that performance and security do not take a hit.

802.11ac: Planning for the Next Generation of Wi-Fi

Matthew Gast of Aerohive Networks, Chris Koeneman from Adtran’s Bluesocket Business Group and Joanie explain the next Wi-Fi standard: 802.11ac. They go beyond just what it is and provide valuable insight into how it works and what you need to do to prepare your existing Wi-Fi network to ensure a smooth and successful migration to the forthcoming fifth-generation Wi-Fi standard.

How to Tame Exploding Wi-Fi Traffic Loads

Jim Whiteaker of Cisco, TJ Maan from Motorola and Joanie examine how exploding traffic loads coming from smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices are impacting Wi-Fi networks and what you can do to prepare your network. They also explore what can be done to ensure voice traffic is not adversely impacted.

Comparison Chart: Traditional WLAN vs. ADTRAN’s Virtual Wireless LAN (vWLAN)

The substantial differences between a traditional hardware controller-based wireless LAN and ADTRAN’s virtual wireless LAN (hypervisor-based) are detailed in ADTRAN’s WLAN vs. vWLAN comparison chart.

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The iEverything Enterprise

Virtualization, cloud computing, and wireless technology are fundamentally changing enterprise computing, providing revolutionary gains in productivity and cost savings. Powerful enterprise applications can now be delivered to almost any device, anywhere, at any time.

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Cisco Bring Your Own Device

Every business needs a BYOD strategy, even if the intent is to support only IT approved and managed devices. This paper explores the challenges mobile devices create for IT, offers key considerations before adopting a BYOD strategy and highlights a comprehensive architecture from Cisco that enables freedom of choice for users while affording IT security and control.

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Bring Your Own Mobile Devices to School

Education is seeing a huge number of students, faculty and guests brining in Wi-Fi devices into the educational environment’s network. This white paper identifies the challenges that this ongoing trend is causing both the user and the IT administrator. The paper identifies how HP networking is solving the BYOD customer challenges for both the end user and IT administration. As part of HP’s FlexManagement offering, IMC (Intelligent Management Center) is one powerful “Single Pane-of-Glass” management application that seamlessly addresses the BYOD challenges.

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WiNG 5 Wireless LAN

Can your wireless network infrastructure handle the growing numbers of tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices taking significant bandwidth bites out of your network? The choices you make now will directly impact the quality of connectivity you deliver as the number of wireless devices on your network grows. The good news is that with smart, cost-effective wireless infrastructure investments, not only can you scale quickly to secure the growing number of devices you serve, but also optimize their performance. Learn how with Motorola’s WiNG 5 WLAN solutions.

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Tablets in the Enterprise

Tablets are replacing laptops at lightning speed. Whether company-issued or part of the BYOD phenomenon, the increased use of smart devices has resulted in a dramatic shift in network traffic with an emphasis on wireless. This paper explains how to predict Wi-Fi demands and architect a best-fit wireless network strategy for your environment.

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