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The Value of Transactions: The Linchpin to Transfroming IT to a Business Service Orientation

With skyrocketing end-user demands and flat or shrinking IT budgets, it is critical for IT execs to understand and adopt the critical success factors to effectively optimize IT to improve service ...

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CA APM and CA APM Cloud Monitor

CA Technologies Application Performance Management (CA APM) provides advanced application and infrastructure monitoring to ensure optimal business service performance. Watch this flash demo to see how CA APM enables IT operations and line of business owners to reduce revenue risks and keep customers loyal.

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CA Service Operation Insight

See how a VP of Operations and his team have improved their ability to quickly respond to incidents that impact or pose risks to the quality and availability of their critical online business services.

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New Innovations, New Pain Points: Infrastructure Management - More Important Than Ever

Read the CA Technologies newsletter featuring Gartner research to gain insight into the implications of "Consumer driven IT".

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Transforming IT Processes and Culture to Assure Service Quality and Improve IT Operational Efficiency

Based on market research and case studies, this thought-provoking white paper shows you how innovative IT organizations are launching "overlay teams" to visualize and manage services from a cross-silo perspective. Their methods ...

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Delivering Exceptional Application Experience

Enterprises can achieve customer advantage by monitoring the quality and timeliness of mission-critical applications. Read this whitepaper to learn how with CA Technologies Application Performance Management solutions.

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EMA- Making Your Investment in an Executive Dashboard Count: What to Look For and Why

Get insights into what your peers are seeking in Executive Dashboards along with the reasons these dashboards are most effective in achieving value.

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CIO Tech Report: Application Performance Management: The End User is King

When it comes to critical applications and capabilities that impact end users and influence business results, the need for visibility into and across IT systems is ...

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Ensuring Service Assurance in the New Normal

Businesses using the cloud must make the transaction the center of gravity for IT management – and CA Service Assurance can help.

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Reshaping IT for Unprecedented Productivity in a Consumer Driven Era

It has become increasingly commonplace for enterprises to see their IT strategies shaped less by internal mandates and more by the rapid influx of consumer technologies and services, including mobile applications, smartphones, tablets ...

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