Next Generation Firewall Challenge Series

Round 1: The Next Generation
Firewall Challenge

Industry Issues. Vendor Differentiators.

The bad guys are getting better and enterprises need to step up their response. Attackers have develop advance evasion techniques that hide their attacks by changing the port, application or protocol they use. They take over addresses of unsuspecting people and organization to launch as their base of attack. Meanwhile more ways for employees to waste time and clog the network are being invented. Yet it is not always easy to just say block the application since many application have both a good and bad side.

Sound familiar? If so, your challenges are many. You need a solution that combines many of the past security techniques - firewall, IPS, filtering - into one solution that can look at the big picture and stop the advance evasion techniques. It needs to be easy to create policies that can understand the difference between useful Facebook activities and time wasters like Farmville. Reputation scores are needed to help detect the bad guy or when a good site has gone bad. Quickly understanding what new application are on your network is a must so you can build policies to deal with them. It all needs to be packaged with high performance and availability with excellent management.

I have brought together five leading suppliers of Next Generation Firewalls to explain how their solutions make it possible to succeed at the task of securing your enterprise and meeting all these challenges. Cisco, Del//SonicWALL, McAfee, Sophos and Stonesoft build cases for how they solve today's security problems and where they excel, all in a handy guide that you can download here.

Download our challenge to the Next Generation Firewall industry and see how the vendors responded.

Download our challenge to the MDM industry and see how the vendors responded.

Next Generation Firewall Network World Challenge Series presented by Robin Layland

Round 2: Panel Discussions

How to stop the Bad Guy

Industry analyst Robin Layland, Mike Nielsen from Cisco and Darren Suprina of Stonesoft explore how Next Generation Firewalls can handle the new generation of advanced evasion techniques, hackers and threats. They explore the role of reputation scoring and policy enforcement in stopping the bad guys. They then cover how to evaluate NGFW and the must have features including the importance of NGFW sharing information in stop advanced evasion techniques.

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Black Market IT

Patrick Sweeney from Dell/SonicWALL, Alan Toews of Sophos and Robin discuss the threat posed by employees use consumer services such as Gmail and drop boxes to get around IT controls. They focus on the risk of Black Market IT and how enterprises should respond. They discuss how trying to block all Black Market IT may not be the best answer focusing on the practical steps an enterprise can take.

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Tips on Deploying a Next Generation Firewall Cost Effectively

Mike Nielsen from Cisco, Bryan Lecher of McAfee and Robin review what you need to know to get the most out of your Next Generation Firewalls. They focus on reducing the personal cost associated with deploying NGFWs. The discussion then moves on to explore how reducing the number of policies is an important component and share experience from other enterprise that have accomplish reducing the number of policies. They finish up on how not to overspend on your NGFW.

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Getting the Most Out of Your Next-Generation Firewall

Trends such as BYOD and the adoption of social media and other grey applications as legitimate business tools have had profound effects on organizations of all sizes. However, next-generation firewalls that only provide application and user ID awareness fall short of providing the level of network visibility required to safely enable them. Instead, by looking at the full context of the network traffic, administrators are empowered with actionable security enforcement based on a high level of network visibility and intelligence.

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Eight “Must-Have” Firewall Rules

With the torrent of new threats resulting from Web 2.0, it’s likely that your existing firewall is leaving you exposed. This checklist should help you understand the advanced features available in next generation firewalls and guide your evaluation process. If you are facing a “forklift” upgrade, this list should help you get the greatest benefit from your investment.

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Network protection and UTM Buyers Guide

This buyers guide is designed to help you choose the right solution for your organization. It looks at the factors you should consider when evaluating solutions to ensure you have the protection and functionality you need, both now and as your business evolves.

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Stonesoft Firewall Appliances for Demanding Environments

To keep up with today’s sophisticated threats and complex network traffic, a first generation firewall will not do. Stonesoft Firewall/VPN appliances are Next Generation firewalls. Stonesoft is the only vendor to uniquely integrate Firewall and IPS technologies with our patented high availability solutions and sophisticated next generation management. As a result we’re delivering unmatched levels of security, availability, scalability and manageability for today’s enterprises. In addition, our solutions deliver the lowest TCO on the market today – as much as a 30-70% saving compared to other products.

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2013 Next Generation Firewall Security Value Map

Read this case study to learn how ZapFi enabled comprehensive gateway security and granular application intelligence for large-volumes of wireless and VPN traffic. In addition, ZapFi eliminated overhead and latency, by integrating Dell SonicWALL SuperMassive, TZ Series and Global Management System (GMS) solutions.

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