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A Successful Approach to Advanced Threat Detection and Remediation

Studies show that anti-malware software by itself detects only about half of all cyber attacks. So security-conscious organizations must deploy multiple layers of defense. Hewlett Packard Enterprise TippingPoint provides the TippingPoint Advanced Threat Appliance, Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention System (NGIPS), and Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW). They work together and with other defenses to prevent threats from penetrating your network and to detect those that have.

This paper shows how TippingPoint offers a successful approach to network security. Read it to learn:
• The must-have features of a layered solution
• How TippingPoint targets the root cause of targeted attacks
• How to get started with Hewlett Packard Enterprise TippingPoint
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Advanced Threat Detection and Remediation: Why It’s Needed

In 2014 detected cyber security incidents rose sharply to 42.8 million, and the financial impact of cyber crime increased by 34 percent. An effective cyber security program has never been more important. And an effective program must not only attempt to detect and block incoming threats, it must detect and neutralize successful attacks before the damage is done.

This white paper explains why advanced threat detection is now a necessary part of any cyber security program. Read it to learn:
• Why early detection is key
• The elements of an effective advanced threat detection solution
• How Hewlett Packard Enterprise TippingPoint Advanced Threat Appliance detects threats and works with TippingPoint Next-Generation IPS and Next-Generation Firewalls to shut down attacks.
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The 2015 Next Generation Threat Protection Challenge

Hackers are getting smarter, more sophisticated, and more determined. They have learned how to evade the defenses we rely on to protect our businesses from cyber attack. Robin Layland says we need to step up our game. In this article he explains why next-generation threat protection (NGTP) is now necessary and what to look for in a solution. And Hewlett Packard Enterprise's Steve Povolny shows how Hewlett Packard Enterprise TippingPoint uses industry-leading threat intelligence to power our family of next-generation network security solutions.

Read the article to learn:
• How NGTP differs from earlier defenses
• The questions you should ask any NGTP vendor
• How Hewlett Packard Enterprise TippingPoint protects against known and unknown threats
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2015 Cyber Risk Report

We're making it easy for hackers. New technologies like mobile, Big Data, and the Internet of Things expand the attack surface and bring new technologies they can exploit. In addition, weaknesses in code that is decades old and common problems like server misconfiguration, weak passwords, and poor coding practices open doors that should have been closed long ago. To protect your business, you need an in-depth understanding of the evolving threat landscape and how hackers exploit it to penetrate defenses and steal data.

The Hewlett Packard Enterprise Cyber Risk Report 2015 brings you the information you need. This comprehensive report culminates a year-long effort by one of the most capable and respected security research organizations in the world. It's packed with more than 70 pages of detail including:
- The common, well-known problems that continue to plague cyber security
- Security trends in Windows, Linux, and mobile OSs
- Why security pros were unprepared for Heartbleed and similar events
- Why multi-layer defenses are now required
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Network Security Intelligence Selection Buying Guide

The security industry has thousands of researchers looking for vulnerabilities in the software you use—Hewlett Packard Enterprise Security Research alone has more than 3000. But how do you apply the security intelligence they develop to the job of protecting your network? The Activate “Network Security Intelligence Selection Buying Guide" tells you what you need to know about security intelligence.

Read it to learn:
- Who finds more Microsoft vulnerabilities than anyone else in the industry
- How next-generation firewalls (NGFW) and next-generation intrusion prevention systems (NGIPS) work
- How Hewlett Packard Enterprise TippingPoint NGFW and NGIPS combine industry-leading security research with ultra-fast hardware to spot and block cyber attacks
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Next-Generation IPS and Firewall: Why You Need Both

Next-generation enterprise firewalls (NGFW) include intrusion prevention system (IPS) technology that enables them to spot and block cyber attacks. But they do not replace IPS solutions—you need both. This Hewlett Packard Enterprise business white paper shows how NGFW and next-generation IPS (NGIPS) are complementary security solutions that work together to secure your network.

Read the white paper to learn:
- How NGFW differ from earlier firewalls
- How NGFW and NGIPS work together to disrupt all four phases of a cyber attack
- How Hewlett Packard Enterprise TippingPoint applies the industry's best security intelligence in TippingPoint NGFW and NGIPS
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Think like a Bad Guy: Understanding Advanced Threats and How to Mitigate Them

When you're a hacker, time is on your side. Time to find a soft spot in your armor, to evade defenses, to seek out your most critical data. Increasingly, today's advanced threats circumvent traditional defenses—even sandboxing. You need a new approach.

This SlashGuide white paper helps you understand advanced threats and how to defend against them. Read it to learn:
- How threats are changing
- Why that requires changing defenses
- The fundamental requirements for an advanced threat appliance
- How Hewlett Packard Enterprise TippingPoint Advanced Threat Appliance helps neutralize patient zero and minimize the time malware sits on your network
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Survey Shows Organizations Have Plenty of Room for Improvement with IT Security

Is your organization prepared for today’s sophisticated security attacks? Probably not, if you’re like the respondents in a new study from IDG Research Services, sponsored by Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Get this exclusive report to learn how to mitigate the most common security shortcomings, like failure to quarantine once they’ve been hit; and taking far too long to discover and mitigate breaches.

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Improve Your Security in 30 Days

This (slightly tongue-in-cheek) white paper shows how you can use Hewlett Packard Enterprise TippingPoint to materially improve your security posture in 30 days. It offers a day-by-day approach that helps you understand what an NGIPS can do and includes links to background information to help you better understand the threat landscape and today’s defenses.

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Incident Response: How to Fight Back

This SANS survey on incident response taps the collective knowledge of 259 security professionals to help you understand how other companies respond to cyber incidents and how you can improve your own response.

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Security Considerations When Undergoing a Network Refresh

Corporate networks are under a constant state of siege - not just from threats but from the pressure of supporting the ever-growing number of clients, devices and platforms that have resulted from the BYOD phenomena. Network demands will only increase as we move to the "internet of things" adding sensors and instrumentation of all types to the list of security burdens.

This SlashGuide looks at the most important factors IT should keep top of mind as they plan their move to 802.11ac, higher bandwidth wired infrastructure or upgrading to switches and routers with enhanced capabilities.
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