Application Performance Management Challenge

Round 1: Application Performance Management Challenge

Industry Issues. Vendor Differentiators.

Web and mobile application environments have many moving parts including hundreds of applications, running on different servers, across multiple networks and end-users. And, all it takes is one slow application, process or network to impact the end-user's response time, leading to unhappy end-users and decreased productivity.

Everyone looks to you to quickly find the problem. Your problem is that the world has grown more complex. Application groups use a wide variety of languages, frameworks and tools to build their applications. Data travels over distributed networks, including cellular networks, the Internet and your own internal network. The mobile device could also be the problem, with varied issues depending on the mobile device software.

End-users don't care how complex your world has become, they just want the problem fixed.

Application Performance Management (APM) can help quickly identify the problems and understand what you need to fix it.

But which solution will allow you to gain control of your complex environment? I have brought together two leading APM vendors - AppNeta and New Relic - that can handle today's complexity to help you answer that question, quickly and easily.

Download the Round One document that explains the problems and hear from AppNeta and New Relic about their approach to addressing them.

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Application Performance Management Challenge Series presented by Robin Layland

Round 2: Panel Discussions

Managing the Performance of Complex Applications

Industry analyst Robin Layland joins Dan Kuebrich from AppNeta and Patrick Lightbody of New Relic to explore the problems enterprises face in managing today's web and mobile applications. They then explain how enterprises can overcome these problems, and what you should look for in an APM solution. The discussion then moves to exploring the new standard Resource Timing. Next we cover whether agents are still needed and the effect of single-page applications have on APM. The webcast ends by exploring if APM is a good candidate for a SaaS deployment.

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How APM Can Overcome Application Complexity

The discussion continues with Robin, Dan and Patrick exploring more issues on how enterprises can overcome the complexity created by today's applications. The discussion first focuses on overcoming the problems introduced when applications use many different technology platforms, built using multiple languages, and running in various locations. Next they explain how to satisfy the many different stakeholders who need access to performance data; how to avoid being overwhelmed by too many alerts; and the role of synthetic transactions.

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AppNeta Trace View - Free Trial Download

Want to try AppNeta in your own application environment? Install in 5 minutes and quickly: - Track every machine involved in a transaction and identify bottlenecks in a single click. - Isolate interesting calls and drill down to the line of code and machine it ran on. - Tie together code and infrastructure metrics with database, service, and cache calls, all in the context of a single transaction.

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Secure, Reliable & Proven APM for the Enterprise

Your organization depends on your web applications to do business – from customer facing eCommerce,banking or travel applications, to mission-critical applications for your employees or partners. When it comes to performance, visitors’ expectations for service and reliability are high. Download this paper to learn the key factors you should think about when evaluating an APM solution.

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