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Accelerating the Cloud Challenge Series

Round 1: The Accelerating the Cloud Challenge

Industry Solutions. Vendor Differentiators.

The Cloud is a key part of any enterpriser's IT solution set and getting it right is important. The Cloud can reduce costs, accommodate unanticipated surges and provide a range of applications. Business units can find a wide range of Software as a Solution (SaaS) offerings ranging from support for the sales force and human resources to supply chain automation and enabling collaborations. Service virtualization allows enterprises to ship all or parts of an application to an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider, a fast and cost-effective way to scale their data center.

The Cloud is not magic. Enterprises still need to ensure that Service Levels are met and key to this are their application delivery solutions they use. Their WAN Optimization Controllers (WOCs) and Application Delivery Controllers(ADCs) play a key role in making their SaaS implementations and their deployment to the Cloud a success.

The current application delivery solutions need to evolve to accelerate and protect cloud traffic. There needs to be a better way to support branch office users. The application delivery vendors' solutions need to act more "cloud like", becoming elastic so that their appliances can grow and contract as the traffic to the Cloud grows and contracts. And they need to do this is a cost effective way. They need to add better security for cloud traffic so that users don't pick up malware and can only browse safe sites.

I have brought together three of the leading application delivery vendors to explain how their solutions can accelerate your move to the Cloud while helping you meet your service level commitments and protect the users. Read how Blue Coat Systems, Cisco and Citrix apply their application delivery solutions to the Cloud problem, all in a handy guide that you can download here.

Download my challenge to the Application Delivery industry and see how the vendors responded.

Download our challenge to the MDM industry and see how the vendors responded.

The Accelerating the Cloud Challenge Series presented by Robin Layland

Round 2: Panel Discussions

How to Support VDI, SaaS and Build a Cost Effective Cloud Infrastructure

Industry analyst Robin Layland joins Greg Smith from Citrix and Kumar Ramachandran from Cisco to discuss the keys ways application delivery solutions can support your Cloud deployment. The focus is on making your application delivery solutions in the data center take on the characteristics of the Cloud with quick provisioning and elastic performance while not breaking the bank. We also discuss the best way to support SaaS applications and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) deployments.

Best Practices for SaaS from the Branch Office

Ed O'Connell from Blue Coat and Greg Smith from Citrix join Robin in reviewing the unique challenges branch office users face when using SaaS applications. Solutions to the problems of response time, security and provisioning are detailed along with the best way to architect the branch office for Cloud and SaaS access.

Cisco Wide Area Application Services Software Release 5.0

Cisco® Wide Area Application Services (WAAS) provides the industry’s most scalable, highest performance WAN optimization solution. Cisco WAAS is able to improve end user experience and reduce bandwidth for key applications.

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Join the scale revolution for cloud ready networks

Technical whitepaper shows how to transform enterprise data centers into highly scalable enterprise clouds. Inject public cloud scalability into mainstream enterprise data centers with these three complementary approaches to scale cloud networks:

  • Scale Up: Get up to 5x capacity on-demand - no new hardware required - with Pay-As-You-Grow
  • Scale In: Consolidation without compromise - up to 40 appliances into a single platform
  • Scale Out: Seamlessly expand capacity up to 32x with new clustering technology

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How to Re-architect to Lower Networking Costs and Safely Improve Performance

Today’s threat landscape has migrated to the web causing many security professionals to prevent direct Internet access at the branch. But with new cloud-based security solutions from Blue Coat you can re-architect your network to embrace the Internet – safely – and optimize application performance.

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