2015 Data Center Switching Challenge

Round 1: The Data Center Switching Challenge

Industry Issues. Vendor Differentiators.

The data center is the heart of the digital enterprise. Enterprises need a flexible data center that can rapidly respond to changing business needs while controlling costs. This requires supporting virtualization and building flexibility through increased automation.

The outlines of a solution are clear. The data center must be built using newer fabric architecture to support the volumes of data with low latency the digital world demands. Just as critical is a software infrastructure that can rapidly implement the enterprise’s demands while following the enterprise's policies. Implementing SDN can provide the flexibility the data center requires.

The question is: “Which data center vendor has the right solution that provides the flexibility and control I need to rapidly respond to the business's needs." I have brought together two leading data center vendors - Cisco and Brocade - to shed light on how their solutions transform the data center. The Challenge document doesn't focus on why transformation is needed. I think we all know the answers to that. Instead, it is a guide to how their solution allows you to make the transition.

Download our challenge to the MDM industry and see how the vendors responded.

Data Center Switching Challenge Series presented by Robin Layland

Round 2: Webcast Panel Discussions

Role of SDN in your Data Center

Industry analyst Robin Layland joins Jon Hudson from Brocade and Gary Kinghorn from Cisco to discuss how you can make SDN work for you, your applications and users. They explain why business and application-focused policies are the key to unlocking SDN potential. We also review important SDN topics such as the role of specialized and generic hardware, the availability of tools to create policies and whether SDN is right for every network.

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Competing and Living with Shadow IT

Sandeep Agrawal from Cisco, Jon Hudson from Brocade and analyst Robin Layland explore the impact on IT when business units go to the cloud for services, commonly referred to as Shadow IT. They detail its impact and how best to deal with it. We explore how IT can provide services that compete with cloud vendors and what to do when you can't. The discussion covers security issues and problems created by moving your data to the cloud.

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How Other Organizations Achieve IT Agility

Leading organizations actively seek ways to address the challenges of achieving IT agility and closing the Relevance Gap. Each technological advancement and business operations win not only modernizes the organization’s network, but also brings IT back into relevance and, most importantly, reverence. Let’s take a look at how two businesses accomplished the task.

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Is Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure an SDN Technology?

This document analyzes the benefits and limitations of current networking technologies that are fueling the movement to adopt SDN. It also looks at how Cisco ACI can meet the new challenges facing these SDN technologies. Finally, it addresses this fundamental question: Is Cisco ACI an SDN solution?

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