2014 WI-FI Challenge Series

Round 1: The Wi-Fi Challenge

Industry Issues. Vendor Differentiators.

The number of mobile devices is growing rapidly with individuals carrying two, three or more devices. This explosion of mobile devices shows no signs of letting up, especially with the Internet of Everything just over the horizon. Wi-Fi is the connection method of choice, which means networks need the best possible solution to meet this growing demand.

The question is: Which Wi-Fi vendor has the right solution to meet the challenges created by the mobile revolution? I have brought together five leading Wi-Fi vendors - Aerohive, Cisco, Extreme Networks, Motorola Solutions and Xirrus to shed light on how their solutions handle the growing mobile environment you face. The Challenge document doesn't focus on the whys of the mobile revolution, but rather on how the vendors’ solutions can successfully meet the mobility challenge. You’ll learn how they stand out from the competition, gaining information far beyond just reviewing a checklist of features. The Challenge is your guide to what makes them different.

Download our challenge to the MDM industry and see how the vendors responded.

Wi-Fi Network World Challenge Series presented by Robin Layland

Round 2: Webcast Panel Discussions

Exploring the Impact of the Internet of Everything on Wi-Fi

Industry analyst Robin Layland joins Sanjoy Dey of Motorola and Kowshik Bhat from Xirrus to discuss how the Internet of Everything will impact Wi-Fi. The discussion explores how real the trend is, along with the first areas to be impacted. The conversation then moves on to the challenges created by the Internet of Everything and ways to overcome them.

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Is a Cloud-Based Wi-Fi Right for Your Enterprise?

Mathew Edwards from Aerohive, Mike Leibovitz from Extreme Networks and Robin start by defining a cloud-based Wi-Fi offering. They then review the pros and cons of two different types of cloud offerings. They finish up by exploring the cost implications and key questions to ask any possible cloud-based vendors.

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How Location-Based Services Can Help Your Business

Jason Rolleston from Cisco and Mike Leibovitz of Extreme Networks join Robin in exploring how location-based services can add value to your enterprise with real business examples. The discussion then moves to address privacy concerns and how to design a Wi-Fi network for location-based services. The session wraps up with insight into where location-based services are headed.

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The New Mobility: Astonishingly Simple and Powerful

Mobility has not only changed how we live, it is also dramatically changing the network infrastructures that we rely on. For the better. As organizations cope with a tidal wave of mobile users, mobile applications, and demand for pervasive access, it’s becoming clearer that prior-generation approaches to providing mobility are breaking. Aerohive innovation eliminates the hardware, complex management, and cost-intensive elements of traditional wireless networks. Instead, customers around the world are eliminating controller-based wireless networks, assuring enterprise-class resiliency, dramatically simplifying management, and slashing costs. This paper describes how.

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Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX)

Why Cisco? Amplify customer interactions with Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences. Our platform’s Wi-Fi intelligence meets the needs of a growing mobile audience. And with Cisco Services, we’ll help you design a mobile infrastructure that addresses your unique business goals for a high return on your investment. Furthermore, you’ll be able to create unlimited opportunity for innovation with the support of our advanced mobility network services.

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IdentiFi Brochure

IdentiFi Wireless is proven to be the most scalable Wireless solution on the market. This didn’t happen overnight; IdentiFi Wireless technology has grown and evolved for over a decade with an extensive and diversified customer base. Extreme Networks is a pioneer in the Wireless industry, as well as in Unified Access for network infrastructure. Our experience matters. Learn more about the entire IdentiFi Wireless Solution.

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The Next Logical Evolution in WLAN Architecture

Motorola Solutions has been the driving force behind the creation and evolution of the wireless LAN (WLAN), from its inception through today’s third generation architecture. Today, they are Introducing the world's first scalable, virtualized WLAN controller that brings a new level of scalability, cost efficiency and reliability to the WLAN.

The VX 9000 makes it possible for any size enterprise to cost-effectively deploy a true enterprise-class WLAN— regardless of whether your business has a handful of employees or hundreds of thousand of employees all around the world.

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Wi-Fi That Works Everywhere: Now and Into The Future

People expect connectivity everywhere and mobile technology is transforming the way people work, learn and play. We solve the challenge of scaling to meet growing wireless demands with solutions that deliver rock solid service, today and as your needs change tomorrow. The technology is evolving rapidly to meet the unabated demands on wireless networks. Business leaders have to make tough decision balancing the timing of technology refreshes with the opportunity cost. We deliver SAFE wireless networking solutions that are scalable, provide predictable application performance, future-proofed and easy-to-use wireless networks to address your rapidly changing mobility needs.

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